I will be throwing a Thanksgiving party this weekend and have planned out the menu today — stay tune for postings!


Also, today is the last day to vote for Foodie Fights, please vote for yours truly 🙂 All support would be much appreciated!!!


8 responses to “Thanksgiving

  1. Party, Thanksgiving, menu all words like music! Enjoy it and send me the delicious leftovers 🙂



  2. MAGIC salad? Lol this I wanna see.

    • HAHA I’ve renamed my roasted trio squash salad into Magic salad LOL!!! I think it sounds more intriguing — ex: “Please have some of this MAGIC salad — don’t worry about what’s in it, just eat it. It’s MAGICAL” that sounds a lot more exciting than “Please have some Roasted Trio Squash salad”

  3. the first food party i planned was in july for my birthday i made a high tea get together with close gfs! i was so excite,d abit too excited and ended up making way too much food haha 🙂

    but good luck!

  4. Hope you plan well for the party! Bless you.

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