Sucré Love

You know what girls like more than getting flowers?  — Beautifully crafted, delicious edible treats, I mean you can’t eat flowers…  Once again Sucré has sent me more of their wonderful, artisanal crafted sweets: dark chocolate raspberry ganache and king cake french macaroons.

Sucré (which is French for sugared) is a New Orlean’s based confectionery that is an emporium of “artisan” sweets. Their goods range from hand crafted chocolates, to glorious cakes and breakfast pastries — which are designed with much love and care by the highly talented Tariq Hanna, head pastry chef of Sucré.

I think aside from the obvious exceptional flavors of their products, they are also packaged with extreme care a detail.    I receive Sucré’s goods it honestly feels like Christmas.  The boxes and packaging are always in vibrant colors and designs finished with a perfectly tied bow.  Each piece of art is carefully nestled in its own “cubby hole”, to prevent any damage during the shipping process.

The first box I opened were the King Cake French Macaroons.  Even before I saw the actual macaroons I was overwhelmed by the amazing smell  of these tiny wonders– was I suddenly in Sucre’s kitchen?  Were these macaroons really that magical?  Yes.  They really were that magical.  Perhaps they don’t have transporting powers but I have never tasted anything like this before.

Did I also forget to mention that I’ve attempted to make French Macaroons and successfully failed three times?  Cuz I did.  Who the heck knew THIS was what they were SUPPOSE to taste like?  Now, where do I begin?  After getting over the amazing smells (and burying my nose deep into the box multiple times) I finally unraveled the delicate white tissue and revealed a colorful glittery array of King Cake Macaroons.

Oh man guys, I need to take a second here and collect my thoughts.  The first bite…how do I even describe this.  The first bite.  MY EYES ROLLED TO THE BACK OF MY HEAD AND I ALMOST PASSED OUT FROM SUCH HEAVENLY MACAROON PERFECTION.  I can’t believe this is what a good French Macaroon tasted like!  I have never tasted anything like it, I was hooked!  I watched helplessly as I popped one after another into my mouth, I just couldnt stop.

They were tiny pillows of heaven, when you take them out of their cubby holes you have to be careful to not crush the delicate shell.  The texture is crispy yet chewy, I would compare it to something but I dont think I’ve tasted anything like it.

And then, there was that rich, decadent, silky buttercream.  Oh that buttercream, I blame you for the intoxicating smells.  I am not sure why this buttercream tastes so darn good, probably because of Sucre’s use of high-quality ingredients or it’s magical powers, who knows?  But I could bathe in this buttercream and die a happy (wo)man.  My only complaint is that I wish I had 100 more of these, it honestly was hard to share but I did…and my honey and friends enjoyed them just as much as I did.

Now…onto the dark chocolate raspberry ganache.  I don’t like chocolate.  No, I should rephrase that comment — I don’t like CHEAP chocolate.  It’s overbearingly sweet and it leaves this weird “film” in your mouth.  People look at my crazy when I tell them I am not a fan of chocolate.

But when it comes to Sucré, I am ALL about the chocolate.  Back in December when they sent me their holiday truffles I was having a field day with those bad boys.  Godiva has nothing on these chocolates.  Just the appearance alone is enough to convince me.  They are just absolutely beautiful, almost too beautiful too eat but I get over that pretty quickly.

These heart-shaped chocolates were a rich burgundy color with a nice iridescent shimmer and nestled inside the beautiful shell was a dark raspberry ganache.  People, this ganache is phenomenal.  I don’t know if its the high quality cocoa or the magical fingers of Tariq, but its out of this world fantastic.  The chocolate is not too sweet, which is often my complaint about many chocolates.  It’s rich and comforting, and the strong scent of raspberry resonates in each bite.

As I’m writing this, I am staring longingly at my empty boxes — though I killed the goods right when I got them, the flavors and feelings are still fresh in my mind.  It is refreshing to find a company that really puts love, attention and detail into their products.  All their efforts really shine through, the taste is undeniable — simply perfection.

I’d like to give a huge thanks to Andy and the rest of the Sucre team for sending me these wonderful products to review.  It is always such a delight to review products as beautifully crafted as these, it makes my job much easier 🙂  For my readers, you guys can take a look at their products here and explore their delicious goods.  Have fun and remember, Valentine’s day is just around the corner so for all you guys out there looking for some brownie points?  I’d say ordering artisan sweets is definitely the way to go, remember sweets can be eaten, flowers…cannot. 🙂

36 responses to “Sucré Love

  1. What darling photos! So cute…

  2. *SWOON*… I think I’ve died and gone to sweets heaven… I just LOVE macarons…mm… :o)

  3. Joy, you are so mean to describe it so extremely mouth-watering but yet I can’t taste it !! Next time you must send some to me first before writing 😀 These just look so good and perfect for Valentine’s Day! I must get my hubby to look at these so that he knows what to get for me 😛

    • LOL I am so sorry Mary!! Next time I will definitely share before I start describing hahaha. YOU SHOULD tell your hubby to give you sweets, a little sugar for his sweetheart 🙂

  4. Okay, I’m sold. I’m going to buy a box of French macaroons. I need to know what they taste like.

    • Elissa king cake macarons are the way to go! They taste just like vanilla cake — my friend ordered the combo box and enjoyed those as well!! (she thought the strawberry and orange were a little sweet)

      • I looked on their website and their chocolate-dipped ones are enticing me as well.. we shall see how much money I can spare for boxes of sweets, haha.

      • OMMMMGG if you get those you gotta tell me how they are.

      • Are you replying to me?

      • Yes Mam — haha at first when I read this comment I Thought you meant you were referring to my “I think you have a cute bum” comment. I was like YES ELISSA THAT WAS FOR YOU WHO ELSE WOULD IT BE FOR? but then i realized you were talking about something completely different. Yes please tell me what you think of the Sucre’s macarons/chocolates!

  5. mmm macarons, still on my nyc quest for some, but I’m curious about their King Cakes ones.
    Those chocolate hearts are also right up my alley. Great packaging!

  6. Sucre is one of my favorite places in NOLA!!! I go almost weekly and always something new to try in the store!!

  7. WOW! These are really sweet. Really good for Valentine’s Day.
    The pictures are awesome!

  8. I love sucre chocolates! Would love to try their macaroons too!

  9. WHoa… terminally cut little birds got my attention… the candy definitely had its day in the spotlight with those amazing photos.

  10. Hi there! My (our) friend Patrick told me abt your site…just wanted to say, I totally think your pictures are awesome 🙂

  11. Joy, those pictures are stunning! Love love love the 2 little cuties. haha… Chocolates & macaroons! Oh man, you’re killing me straight!

  12. king!cake macaroon. *want*

  13. oh my goodness – so beautiful! and i can’t get over how darn cute those penguins are!!

  14. I’ve fallen in love with their simple but sophisticated packaging. I remember your other review of Sucre and I was already smitten then!

  15. Aren’t you lucky to receive these samples from Sucre. You are really good in describing these confections as I’m craving for it now. Calling Andy of Sucre, where’s mine? 🙂

  16. in time for my favorite holiday 🙂

    i love your blog

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