100th Post:Lindemans Framboise Float


Because this is my 100th post, I will share a confession.

I can’t drink.  I mean I can but 90% of the time I choose not to.  Not because I’m not down to party but this girl unfortunately has a severe case of alcohol intolerance.  It’s embarrassing really and I am sure I will look back on this post and regret ever admitting this to the world.  I’m that one-beer drunk and usually you’ll know within 20 minutes; my face begins to turn red, you’ll suddenly notice my flaring nostrils due to my labored breathing and within the hour my head will either end up against your shoulder or against the nearest stationary object.  Trust me, it’s bad – my entire demeanor goes from perfectly composed to disheveled in 30 minutes flat.

So the only place you’ll usually ever find me drinking is at home.  Because at home, I can have the reddest face in the world (and biggest nostrils) in the comfort of my wonderful couch and blanket.  I can have my glass of wine and melt into the pillows while watching Legends of the Fall for the 26th time.  And on top of that, I get to drink in my jammies and not worry about maintaining my balance while wearing stiletto heels.  It’s awesome, everyone needs to try it sometime — the drinking in the jammies part, not the stiletto heels.

When Collin was out of town for a week in Tucson, I decided to cope with his absence through ice cream.   So on my way to the ice cream aisle this beautiful bottle of Lindemans Framboise caught my eye, and it even whispered buy me, mix me with that vanilla bean ice cream, you know you want to.  I mean how could I have said no to a talking bottle of Lindemans, of course I had to buy it!  Safe to say, it was pretty much the best decision of my entire week — hands down, best combination EVER.

Lindemans Framboise is one of my favorite Lambic beers — the delicate tartness of the framboise spreads throughout your palette filling your nose with the intoxicating smell of raspberries with each sip.  Magical to say the least. BUT THEN adding creamy vanilla bean ice cream into the mix?  Decadence at its finest people, I could honestly have it everyday (if only alcohol and ice cream were fat and calorie free..).  I even threw in a few fresh raspberries ontop of the float which made the entire drink even more awesome — didn’t think it was possible but it did. 

Ingredients for Lindemans Framboise Float: (serves 2)

  • 12 oz bottle of Lindeman’s Framboise
  • 4 scoops of vanilla bean ice cream

Place 2 scoops of vanilla bean ice cream in each glass — preferably a tall glass.  Slowly pour the framboise until the foam reaches the top.  Serve and drink immediately!

You can thank me later for this recipe — I accept gratitude in forms of cash, check, food and some hugs (careful, I’m picky).  Bookmark this for when you have a bad day at work, or if your spouse is being an ass, or just because you’re awesome and you want to freaking treat yourself.  Whatever the reason, just remember: Life is always sweeter with dessert! Cheers 🙂

20 responses to “100th Post:Lindemans Framboise Float

  1. haha! that is too funny, i get red too but thank gosh not as bad as my other family members! i still drink though ;D

  2. This looks delicious…. and I am thirsty.
    I can’t drink either 😐 Or have ice cream. At least I’m not allergic to raspberries!

  3. Happy 100th post!
    Me too! I can’t drink either only at home 🙂

  4. Are u serious?!?! Are you trying to ruin my diet? This looks way to good. And wouldn’t you know I just happen to have all the ingredient to make this first thing after work. Thanks for sharing

  5. Definitely an awesome 100th post Joy! I absolutely love this Frambois and I will definitely be having it in “float” form soon, thanks to you!

  6. Hey Joy, how’s your day without your mom around? =o( Hope you’re well. Callling her all the time, right? hehe…. However, I have yet tried beer float before. I’ve tried other soft drinks but not beer. This is weird but sounds pretty good though. haha…. I’ll sure try this out someday when hubby is not around. haha…. Thanks so much and hope you’re enjoying your day, sweetie.
    Cheers, Kristy

  7. Btw, happy 100th post and may many more to come 200th, 300th, 400th…….. Wishing you all the best!

  8. First of all this looks so good! 2nd of all I think I am meant to buy some of this raspberry beer. This is the 2nd time I have seen it. A friend bought for another friend and I was intrigued but now I have seen your post and I really want to taste it! Hey by the way, you might be allergic to sulfites in the wine. FYI

  9. This is the best ice cream treat I have ever seen. Genius!

  10. OMG…I’m not much of a beer lover, but I LOVE Lindeman Framboise!! This looks like something I’d love…boozy desserts are great fun. I made a margaritaice cream last weekend w/tequila and grand marnier that was AMAZING!

  11. Joy, life IS sweeter with dessert. Thank you for reminding me to try this float! Lindeman’s Framboise is unmatched, tart and sweet and fragrant out of the bottle. If you can find a pub that’ll give you a pass on wearing stillettos, try Lindeman’s on tap … it’ll knock you slippers off.

  12. So simple and so amazing. How have I never done this? I know what my next desert will be! Thanks for this. your pictures are beautiful.

  13. Congrats on your 100th post! I love Lindeman’s Framboise so I can’t wait to try this. This is genius, especially for someone that doesn’t drink much 🙂

  14. My first time here and it just so happens to be your 100th post – huge congrats! Really great blog and your pictures are beautful. Really.

    A lambic float (well, beer floats in general) is such a perfect dessert: blissfully simple to make and at the end of a meal, you don’t have to worry about the “one more drink or dessert?” dilemma. Have you ever tried pouring lambic over sherbet? SO good.

    P.S. My face looks like a giant tomato when I drink. The solution? Chew a Pepcid Complete about 15 minutes before you first drink. Redness, be gone.

  15. The Lindemans Framboise is one of my favorites as well.
    Sorry to hear alcohol is so unfriendly.


  16. How much fun is this?! Beautiful photos!

  17. I suffer from the same Alcohol intolerance so I know what you mean…

  18. I’m very sorry that you probably don’t get the chance to explore some of the finer alcoholic treats because of your intolerance. On the positive side, when all your friends have run up a $50 tab to get a buzz you’ve only spent about $5. 😀

    I’m very much a beer guy but I’m not really into Lambics but this…This is much more like a dessert. I think I could really enjoy it. Like an adult ice cream soda of sorts.

    Great idea and great photos. Stunning color.
    Matt Kay

  19. OMG that looks amazing!

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