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23 responses to “Contact

  1. Hi there,

    I recently started following your blog “Joylicious” and I really enjoy it! I love reading the different posts and often get ideas for my nightly dinners! As a fellow foodie, I adore finding gourmet blogs and I think yours is top-notch! I work with New Orleans based confectioner, Sucre, and would love to share our Holiday collection with you and your readers. Sucre is known for their delectable, hand-crafted chocolates as well as their scrumptious pastries and macaroons, which are even Oprah-approved.

    This holiday season, in the spirit of giving, Sucre has teamed up with the LA/SPCA and a portion of every dollar spent online will go directly to benefit the animals of the LA/SPCA. So, you can indulge guilt-free. I’d like to send you a sample of our gourmet chocolates for you to taste. If you enjoy the product, we would happily extend a discount for your readers.

    We’d really just love to introduce you the deliciousness of Sucre Chocolates and if you have any comments or feedback, we value your opinion.

    Many thanks for your time,

  2. Love the colorful delicious foods as well as the cooking tips in ur site. Have a nice day.


  3. Hi Joy – what is your email? I like to reply to site comments personally via email 🙂

    email me !


  4. thequickanddirtycook

    I just found your blog – it’s beautiful! I’m trying to work on my photography. What editing program do you use? I love your use of the “collage” photos. Any tips on self-taught food photography? Thanks!

    • Thank you mrs.abaquero for your kind words! I use photoshop CS4 and as for tips I’d say lighting is very important! If possible I’d shoot in natural light, I also have a light box that I use that helps me shoot pictures during the night time. It has been really helpful!! And as for backgrounds in pictures, generally lean towards white backgrounds, white reflects a lot of light so your pictures turn out better 🙂 Hope this helps!

  5. Hi Joy,

    Thanks so much for frequently reading, commenting, and adding some “spice” to my blog. I have added your url to my blog roll section “Brad’s Fav Blogs”. Hopefully this will drive some traffic your way. Have a great day and please keep the posts coming I can’t wait for more.

  6. Hey girl! I just recently found your blog and you are AMAZING! The photos are beautiful and the food looks so yummy 🙂 You are so talented! What kind of camera do you use??

  7. Hi Joy, Got to know u through Mary Moh’s blog. A food lover myself, your food blog is very well presented with all the nice photos. All are well arranged with professional touch.
    Happy Bon Voyage to u and Collin on your trip to China:).

    • Hey Peter! It is a pleasure to meet you, good to know you found me through Mary Moh — she is great, I adore her to pieces 🙂 Thank you for your very kind words and well wishes for a good trip! I will definitely be sure to have a great time when I go with Collin next month.

  8. Joy, I really enjoy looking at your blog….your so awesome at what you do and your also a great photographer!!!!….Collin is so blessed to have you in his life!!!…I wish you both the best of luck!!!!

  9. Hello,

    I work for Salt Communications. You recently wrote something about one of our events, Almost Famous Chef Competition. We are trying to get an accurate count of our impressions this year and I was wondering if you could please provide me with a circulation number of your website.

    I look forward to hearing back from you. Thank you so much. Great website!!



  10. You have some skills with that camera, keep up the good work. I own a kitchen store in Little Rock, Arkansas and could use some some culinary blog links to my website. I could help out with some give-aways or a promotions for you and your followers. If you have any other ideas let me know.

  11. laura solomon

    found your site through a google search for a recipe… your food photos are phenomenal, as are the photos of china. and your recipes sound delicious.

    thank you.

  12. I followed your recioe for rissotto and it was delicious I couldnt beleive I made it. My husband was truly impressed.
    Thank you

  13. Hey there!
    Chanced upon your website and thought your blog is simply wonderful! I am also trying to set up a blog on food and cooking. Still amateur-ish, but hope i can learn more from others. Meanwhile I have attached a link to my blog and hope you can offer some suggestions or sorts. Thanks :]

  14. typicalsingaporean

    Hihi..just wondering..have you seen those black Famous Amos cookies? How do you get that colour..that dark, black colour on the cookie?

    Please email me at

    Appreciate it!

  15. Hi Joy,
    I also live in Dallas (Lower Greenville Ave) and love to frequent the Chinese/Oriental restaurants in Richardson. Do you have some favorite restaurants in North Texas –Chinese or otherwise?

  16. hey dear you remember 30 best recipes of 2009
    this year i am going to do something similar. oct it will start on my blog. so do not forget to check it out


  17. Joy, I just found your site while searching for Shiner Bock recipes. I can’t wait to try some of your recipes – I’m about to go to the store so I can use some of them.

    Do you mind sharing the type of camera that you use for photos? The photos are really good.


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